Can I get HIV and Aids from Strippers and Lap Dances?

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Pricey Dr. Sadie,
I'm 26 12 months previous male, from India, presently being at Phoenix (AZ, United states of america). Which is my story.......
Since the past 7 days of October to December initial 7 days of the yr (2010), I had been viewing one strip club for virtually 1 or two periods weekly and each time I took one or two lap dances with distinct girls.
I ordinarily shave my beard each morning at 9am. And at times I get cuts throughout the shave. No cuts are larger than two-3 millimeter throughout plus they bleed often (bleed for few minutes). After shaving, I acquire very hot water bathtub and afterwards a sizzling coffee. I take a look at the club at all around 2-3pm and ahead of the lap dance, I normally have a cold consume. There exists about 4-five hrs gap involving sustaining the shaving cuts along with the lap dance. There has never been an occasion in which there was an active bleeding with the cuts in the course of the lap dance.
Throughout the lap dance, I only kissed and/or rubbed my facial area in excess of the neck, in between/over the breasts and often around the butts / thighs (under no circumstances did that on her vagina) in the girl. Just about every lap dance was about 5-ten minutes. What scarring me is, if her vaginal fluid current on her butts/thigh or on her body floor or the traces of semen within the earlier customer to whom she gave a lap dance or traces of blood if any (I didn’t see any blood traces at any dance) can be found in contact with my shave cuts, After i was rubbing my confront on it. In addition to this, in the course of the whole dance, she accustomed to rub her vagina with panty, on my difficult penis (with my apparel on). She employed to carry on rubbing it for around five-10 seconds right after ejaculation.
Before, I used to be unaware that HIV/STD can transmit even by semen or vaginal fluids. But when I arrived to learn relating to this transmission, I'm totally frightened and struggling to execute my working day-to-day things to do. So requesting your aid....
I've mentioned these with couple Medical doctors on www., but I'd personally want an authority’s feeling.
Now my queries are:
one) Will these shameful acts bring about HIV or any type of STD?
Initially LET ME Tackle The way you Requested THE Dilemma,
I feel A MORE Critical QUESTION You need to be Inquiring Oneself IS, “Considering the fact that I FEEL THAT WHAT I'm DOING IS SHAMEFUL, WHY I Hold Accomplishing IT?” THIS Appears to Muski donji ves be The foundation CAUSE OF The problem AND One which I THINK You'll want to FIND AN ANSWER TO.
Do you think you're SO Hooked on, AND ACCUSTOMED TO, Checking out THIS CLUB THAT The reality that THIS BEHAVIOR IS, Hazardous AT MOST, UNSANITARY From the LEAST, Isn't going to Continue to keep ME FROM REFRAINING…
NOW TO ANSWER YOUR Concern…Certainly & Sure!
THIS Can result in YOU To secure a MULTITUDE OF Microorganisms In the Encounter, Together with Minimal CRAWLING CRITTERS LIKE CRABS. ANY VAGINAL DISCHARGE (Which you May perhaps Normally SEE), A FISHY OR MUSTY SMELL OR Uncomfortable VIRGINAL ODOR Is not really A GOOD Point To acquire YOUR FACE NEXT TO, OR IN, No matter whether You have got Lately SHAVED OR NOT. HIV Could be SLIGHLY More challenging To return BY According to Whatever you Spelled out But there's A HOST OF OTHER VAGINAL FUNGUS AND Germs HIDING In a few THONGS AND Significant HEELS Which may MAKE YOU WISH YOU Had been Lifeless.
two) Will HIV get transmitted in the shaved cuts that contacted vaginal fluids or semen, when I rubbed my encounter on her butts or thigh?
REASEARCH Indicates THAT The chance of HIV An infection In this manner IS EXTRMEMLY SMALL. Unless of course You've got VAMPIRE TENDENCIES And so are Ingesting Loads of BLOOD YOU ARE Almost certainly Risk-free.
three) How much time these shaved cuts usually takes time to heal in order that HIV/std infection will get limited?
Examine The solution TO QUESTION #2
4) What are the likelihood of infection from her rubbing vagina on my cummed penis across my underwear or slim pant?
ZERO…When you CATEGORICALLY, Certainly, POSITIVELY & UNCONDITIONALLY Needs to have A FOREIGN VAGINA AND BUTTOCKS RUBBED SOMEWHERE ON The body Every day THEN I Recommend Which you Stay with This process In lieu of Acquiring IT RUBBED On the Facial area
five) Sometimes, I might have rubbed my eyes with my fingers which touched her butts/thighs where vaginal fluids or semen may exist. What about the infection via eyes, nose and ears?
I’M Shocked YOU’RE NOT BLIND However? IF NOT YOU’RE Most likely Alright!!! …Nevertheless, In the event you Take place TO GO BLIND DO You've got Somebody that CAN Compose ME FOR Suggestions Given that YOU WILL NOT Be capable of SEE THE COMPUTER KEYS!
I’M NOT Selected However, if I Ended up A BETTING Girl I might Guess THAT This may Possibly End YOU FROM RUBBING VAGINAL FLUID INTO YOUR EYES. Listed here Is one thing TO THINK ABOUT…IF YOU KEEP LIVING DANGEROUSLY YOU WILL NOT Manage donji ves novi sad to SEE A VAGINA; Dependant on YOUR INQUIRY That ought to Inspire YOU To prevent RUBBING Odd Feminine FLUIDS INTO YOUR EYES.
6) For how long does the virus (HIV) exist on her system area?
HIV Won't Stay Beyond Your body.
7) Does multiple lap dances with almost distinctive ladies improve the any chance of infection?
NO, However it DOES INCREASE THE INSANITY OF Your situation
eight) I feel, even an individual HIV virus or STD creating organism infection in the overall body tor blood strem, is able to leading to infection – am I right? Be sure to reveal if it calls for specific quantity of fluids (like full 1ml or 2ml) to induce the an infection
Cease Currently! STOP YOUR Actions And you've got Absolutely nothing TO WORRY ABOUT
nine) Last but not least what are the chances that just one might get HIV/STD infections through these lap Muski donji ves dances?
SEE Problem #eight
10) Does one propose me to take a HIV/STD test?
Certainly, Without delay!!!
Looking forward to your reply.....
Thanks for your personal data

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